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Pro Class 2020

February: D1NZ Round 3: 3rd Place Baypark 

Pro Class 2019:

May: D1NZ Overall: 1st place D1NZ Pro Champion

May: D1NZ Round 5: 1st place Manfeild Raceway

April: D1NZ Round 4: 2nd place Pukekohe Park

March: D1NZ Round 3: 1st place Hampton Downs

Jan: D1NZ Round 1: 1st place Baypark

Season 2017/2018

Pro Class 2018:
May: 2nd Place Overall D1NZ Championship


April: D1NZ R4: 2nd place Manfeild 

March: D1NZ R3: 1st Place Timaru Levels Raceway

MadMike Summer Bash - Dec 2017
2nd place Drift Super Class
1st place Best Battle with Mad Mike
1st place Triple Threat Team Drift

Season 2016/2017

Round 2 D1NZ Manfield Raceway​

3rd place 

Round 1 D1NZ Dunedin 

3rd place Round 1 Forsyth Barr Stadium

D1NZ 2014/2015 season:

3rd Place Overall Trans Tasman Series

1st Place Round 4 Trans Tasman series Final Pukekohe Raceway

3rd Place Round 2 Trans Tasman Series Sydney Motorsport Park

2014/2015 D1NZ Pro champion!

May 2015 - 1st place D1NZ Round 6-Pukekohe Park Raceway
Feb 2015 - 2nd place D1NZ Round 4-Hampton Downs
Oct 2014 - 1st place D1NZ Round 1-Manfield Fielding

2014 NZ Drift Nationals:
1st place - Hampton Downs

D1NZ Pro 2013/2014 season:
May 2014 - 2nd place D1NZ Round 6-Mount Smart

D1NZ Pro-Am 2012/2013 season:

2012/2013 D1NZ Pro-Am Champion!

June 2013 - 1st Place D1NZ Pro-Am Round 6-Taupo Motorsport Park
March 2013 - 1st Place D1NZ Pro-Am Round 5-Powerbuilt Raceway Ruapuna-Christchurch
March 2013 - 3rd place D1NZ Pro-Am Round 4-Hampton Downs Auckland
Jan 2013 - 1st place D1NZ Pro-Am Round 3-Baypark Tauranga
Nov 2012- 1st place D1NZ Pro-Am Round 2-Whangarei

Other Awards D1NZ Pro-Am 2012/2013:

D1NZ Pro-Am Best Drifting Style
D1NZ Pro-Am Smoke Machine
D1NZ Pro-Am Best Tandem battle with Jodie Verhulst



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